Video Marketing

Nothing conveys your message more effectively than a video. Testimonials, adverts and explainers are all better when they literally speak to your potential customers. Whatever your video needs, HC Digital have got you covered.

Vision Britain

Vision Britain was where I first started making videos. Given the nature of the business, there was a lot of material for me to go at. So I had fun with it, I tried many different things, and learnt almost everything I know about video today.

I made all kinds of videos, from adverts to explainers, and even several series of videos. One particular series was called The Business BluePrint, which we sold as a product. It made a profit after it's first month!

Please watch a few of the examples below:

It was good fun to work along side Harry, who was great at bringing everything together to make a slick filming experience. We were all very impressed with the finished videos, especially the video testimonials.

Anna Splain - Vision Britain


At BluKo, they wanted a different style of videos, a bit more advert like than my videos before, and not set in a studio. This pushed me to try new things, and everyone was very happy with the result. The videos brought plenty of poeple through their doors too!

The clients were very impressed and even requested my consultation for projects of their own. To say thank you, they agreed to give video testimonials, some of which are below:

Working with Harry was really fun. He brought a certain energy which I think really shows in the finished videos. I've worked with him for years, and when he's directing me, he brings out a similar energy to what he gives. I highly recommend this man for your video needs!

Joe Timothy - BluKo