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Whether you're looking for a small update to your blog, a new landing page for your latest campaign or even a full website redesign, HC Digital will provide an efficient and personal service to give your website that unique feel it deserves.

The Chemic Tavern

I have been drinking at The Chemic for years, so I was very excited at the oppertunity to refresh their website. Obviously it was nice and easy to get the website just right given that I live a 12 minute walk (or 6 minute jog) away from the pub, and find myself there about 5 nights a week! What I'm saying is because I know the pub so well, it was easy to build a design which perfectly matched their image.

The stand out feature of this website, which definitely isn't extremely complex and didn't take me a very long time to code, is the countdown. At the top of every page, there is a countdown which counts down to either the pub opening, or shows how much time left until they stop serving. And of course, it refreshes the page when it hits 0 and changes to reflect the different opening hours through the week.

I also did the photography for this website which came out way better that I thought I could achieve. It's nice being able to surprise yourself with how good you are at a thing (modest of me, I know).

It's another project I'm very proud of and has certainly added new skills to my repertoire.

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Excellent service! Harry was very helpful and creative walking me through the process of creating my first professional website. He analysed the websites of local businesses in the same industry as me to see what the current trends were and sent me links so we could both be on the same page when discussing ideas and what we liked/disliked. He promptly began work (even spending days creating codes for a unique feature of the website) and sent me frequent updates, timelines and requests for details. Over and above is an understatement, the site is exactly what I wanted and more!

Anna Sheppard - chemictavern.co.uk

Hotel Noir

This is my first major website launch, and it was great fun! Natasha, the manager of the hotel, was brilliant to work with. She gave me exactly what I needed to build the best website I could which perfectly fitted her brand.

This website really allowed me to try out some new things. There are plenty of slide-over forms and custom menus, especially on mobile. I find this is a very neat way to keep a website page looking clean and tidy.

My favourite thing about this website is how few plugins I have used. Plugins can break and cause the site to glitch, so I have only used vital plugins (e.g. Yoast SEO) to keep future updates to a bare minimum and the website looking great!

Please have a look, I'm very proud of this website.

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Beyond The Box Set

When I co-founded Beyond The Box Set, me and my co-host wanted it to do much better than our competition. So we decided to make a home to direct people towards.

The site looks great on every device - particularly the episodes page which can load every episode at once with lightning speed. Try it yourself!

Because it needs to be updated every week, I have made it very easy to do so, especially as it's not me who publishes the episodes.

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We wanted an attractive, responsive website with a really distinctive look and feel that reflected the tone of our Podcast. Harry delivered everything we wanted and more - obviously working closely with me to ensure the look, feel and functionality of the website perfectly matched our joint vision.

John Lucas - beyondtheboxset.com