Meet Harry Chappell...

Before going freelance and starting HC Digital, I worked in various marketing jobs for 6 years. A combination of this and a few hobbies is what taught me everything I know about web, branding and video.

Eventually, the time came for me to branch out and do my own thing - be my own boss. Well I haven't looked back yet, so I must be doing something right!

When I'm not being HC Digital, I like to record podcasts with my friends. I have 2 film podcasts called Beyond the Box Set, where we pitch sequels to films which don't have any, and 2 Geeks 2 Movies where we compare 2 movies which have a (sometimes tenuous) link. I've always got more ideas for new podcasts, people say I love the sound of my own voice!

Well that about sums me up. If you want to know more, well... you've got my number.

Harry in Vienna