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PAVE Media

After being a successful podcaster for a couple of years, I thought it was time to expand on that and share what I'd learned with other podcasters. So me and a group of fellow podcasting friends decided to create a network, and guess who volunteered to do the branding?

I wanted the colour scheme to be very colourful, to help convey the broad diversity in podcasting PAVE Media is striving for. So natrually, my addiction to gradients was set loose and the Network admins and myself are very happy with the outcome.

The design works great as a logo, and translates into any sized graphic seamlessly. It has even worked well to include in animated video intros, and of course the design and feel of the website.

Ross Burton

I've been friends with Ross for many years, and have seen his brilliant performances many times. So when he needed new marketing material, I already knew his brand very well and could give it the update it needed while still keeping a similar feeling to his identity.

Both me and Ross are very happy with how his marketing material turned out:

The Chemic Tavern

The Chemic is my local watering hole, so they already knew me well enough to know I was quite capable of helping them out. I provided them with a digital copy of what is now their logo. They only had a copy on the sign which has been outside The Chemic since the beginning of time.

They run events every now and then, and I have provided them with the following designs for promotional material:

Bike Sam

For my brother's surprise birthday present, I designed him a logo for his new website which I was developing. To make it personal to him, the font of the word "Bike" is the same font from his previous blog, and the red is his favourite colour.

I remember a conversation we had once about spelling his name using the shapes of a bike frame, so I decided to give it a try. I got a photo of a Surley Steamroller (his favourite frame), traced it and turned it into 3 letters.

His jaw dropped the first time he saw it. Great result!

The Ladybird Project

In Spring 2016, The Ladybird's wanted to really push their volunteer numbers, so they asked me to create some marketing for their events which consisted of the flyers shown below along with matching artwork for social media.

They got a record numbers of new volunteers as a result, and had a great season following the success at the start of the year.

Harry really helped us out with the material he created for us. Great quality, solid service, would definitely use again.

Chris Lowerson - The Ladybird Project


Working for BluKo for 4 years meant that I created plenty of branding for them. I designed the Logo, created the business cards, the email marketing, hundreds of icons for several well praised slide shows and all the material for 2 very successful direct mail campaigns.

Below is a selection of my best work done for BluKo:

Harry was brilliant when it came to content creation. We always said that I was good at starting somehting and Harry was great at finshing it. He was great at taking my ideas and turining them into something which looked brilliant. The result spoke for themselves.

Joe Timothy - BluKo